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What a jolt: Electric jet news gives local designer a big lift

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Darold Cummings is perhaps one of the last aeronautical engineers to pencil his airplane designs on sketch paper.

Working on wage disparities

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Pay study: Idaho women lag far behind the guys

Hecla COO Radford retires with silver in his veins

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Bunker Hill miners could always tell where Norman Radford had been in the stopes. He smoked cherry flavored tobacco in his pipe and it permeated the humidity of the hard rock mine like lead dust.

Healthy competition one goal for Northwest Specialty Hospital

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Northwest Specialty Hospital CEO Rick Rasmussen envisions a future where providers in North Idaho can tend to all the region’s health care needs. He’s determined to participate in a future where people don’t go out of state for services. Like his counterpart at Kootenai Health, Rasmussen sees Kootenai County as a destination for medical tourism.

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