Published: October 29, 2019

A good business operator

As a newspaperman, I’ve sat with CEOs and executives of all stripes. I’ve met a dozen or so billionaires. (Yawn, mostly.) In my own business career, I’ve pitched three-comma deals on Wall Street and Sand Hill Road. I’ve had the chance to work with a range of companies, from gutty little online startups to mom-and-pop shops on Main Street.

After more laps around the block than, alas, I’d care to remember, I know a good operator when I see one. That’s why I was excited when TDS came to town.

Breaking into a new market, especially a highly competitive one like high-speed internet service, isn’t easy. It’s a fascinating business problem, and one that takes a smart, multi-layered plan to succeed.

The initial gut reaction is to focus on one’s own products or services or to get tangled up in demographics. Savvy leaders, however, seek to avoid that trap. Instead, they position their DNA. They go to great lengths to establish that identity — to frame their brand for audience that will deliver their future results.

I get a kick out of watching these plans unfold. I like seeing what strategies companies deploy and trying to figure out just what they’re up to. I do appreciate good thinking.

That’s why I wasn’t even a little surprised when TDS approached The Business Journal of North Idaho with an idea. As part of its own introduction to North Idaho, it’s giving the public a chance to nominate a business to win a $5,000 advertising package.

Nice move.

We’re not merely focused on our business, that says. We want to help yours. That’s good corporate citizenship. And it’s damn good business.

Here’s how this is going to work:

Any member of the public may visit our nomination portal and suggest a company that could benefit from a highly targeted local advertising campaign. Three kinds of companies are eligible: New companies, companies planning a new location or companies that are still in the works but plan to launch soon.

BJNI will randomly choose a winner on Dec. 1. We’ll keep you updated.

• • •

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