Published: July 6, 2020 | Updated: July 6, 2020

Four families, four great stories

Blessed is the family biz.

This issue of The Business Journal of North Idaho features four tales of diverse but fascinating locally owned family businesses:

• A beloved blue breakfast/lunch restaurant in Hayden

• A Coeur d’Alene frame shop with a moving story

• A woman-owned firm in Cd’A excelling in what once was primarily regarded as a man’s world

• A father in Post Falls and son in Boise running a company and writing a book together

In all four cases, perseverance and creativity shine. Any locally owned business that has made it this far through the pandemic and economic fallout has got something going for it, and not just a good business model: Something that maybe genetics explains better than spreadsheets. When you’re taking one in the ribs for the home team — the family — maybe you’re better prepared to step back into the batter’s box and drive one right up the middle.

Here’s to all the wonderful family businesses that grace our amazing community, and a pledge to continue to put spotlights on as many of them as we can in the months and years to come.

— Mike Patrick, editor