Published: September 28, 2021 | Updated: September 24, 2021

Let's level the workplace scales

Mike Patrick

Mike Patrick

Here’s a scoop, and yes, the ice cream reference is intentional.

Women aren’t on equal footing with men in the Idaho workforce. But with mentors like Eve Knudtsen around and increasing numbers of entrepreneurs like the Dairy Queen sisters emerging, equality might not be as far away as staggering pay inequity might suggest.

This issue of The Business Journal of North Idaho includes details of a national study by respected that shows only Utah is worse than Idaho for women in the workplace. Before you wail about what the hell does some website know, check out the study’s methodology yourself:

We also share the story of two sisters braving the blizzard of male-dominated business ownership. Having grown up working in their dad’s Dairy Queen in Rathdrum, Amanda Buchanan and Jessica Blain are opening their own store in Hayden. With lots of relevant experience and degrees from University of Idaho that will serve them (and their customers) well, the Scoop Sisters appear headed to success.

Now, back to Eve.

The Knudtsen Chevrolet leader has for years worked with women on empowerment, both in business and personal realms. Literally thousands of North Idahoans know Eve, and many can attest that she’s driven by a desire to help others any way she can. That often translates to superb business advice and sometimes even mentorship. Most of all, Eve Knudtsen leads by example.

In one bald guy’s humble opinion, women aren’t equal to their male counterparts.

Usually, they’re better.

— Mike Patrick, BJNI editor