Published: January 25, 2022 | Updated: January 24, 2022

This election really rocks

Mike Patrick

Mike Patrick

Confession: Best of North Idaho isn’t scientifically defensible.

Culinary kings and queens aren’t solicited to render verdicts on the finest dining experiences in the land.

Men and women who fix stuff for a living — cars, trucks, walls, roofs and so on — don’t decide who the best auto repair service is or where folks should go to get their home remodeled.

Sweaty summertime urchins aren’t hauled to each ice cream parlor, given samples of the fare and then asked their expert opinion on what most satisfies their sweet teeth.

No, Best of North Idaho, since its inception years ago, is not based on analytics — just a popularity vote.

But boy, what a vote it is.

Each year, thousands of residents cast their digital ballots for the people and places they think are best. A guy in Hayden might prefer Chompers for best breakfasts, but his wife loves The Blue Plate. Marital bliss risk aside, both votes lovingly cast count.

So yes, it’s all about the people’s choices, pure and simple. Is this dude the very best real estate agent in North Idaho? Does that gym offer the finest equipment and service in a highly competitive field?

You know who’s the expert: You are. So you decide.

In just a few days, voting begins.

Starting Feb. 7, go to and click on Best of 2022. Your best business buddies and others will be glad of your support.

— Mike Patrick, BJNI editor