Published: July 26, 2022 | Updated: July 21, 2022

Finding, hiring and keeping the right employees

Dennis Weed

Dennis Weed

Recently I read an article regarding fast food restaurants that have the lowest employee turnover rate. The two that stood out above the pack were Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A has 1/3 to 1/2 the turnover as an average MacDonald’s restaurant. The same two had an easier time attracting employees.

Small business owners nationwide are having a difficult time attracting the right employees to keep their turnover rate low. North Idaho is no exception. Try the following strategies for attracting and retaining employees.


• Always advertise your company and its employment needs in every group you are involved with in your community. This would be places like, church, your children’s sports teams, birthday parties, etc. I had a friend who was advertising his business at a birthday party and someone had a spouse who was looking for a job he had a need for in his company. Always advertising your business and being a proactive owner will provide opportunities for those looking for work to reach out to you.

• Provide a salary and benefit package that is at least industry standard or slightly above.

• When someone applies to a job opening, be very diligent in interviewing and hiring them quickly. It should be a week or less for hourly employees.

• Contact other like businesses to determine if they know of anyone looking for work.

• Use social media to your advantage. Place your needs on Facebook, advertise in LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

• Advertise on Job Boards where potential employees would be looking.

• Keep in touch with your schools that train your future employees.

• Some of the best available job applicants are the ones who retired and want to come back to work. If you have jobs available in your company that would work for retirees, by all means advertise that you are also looking to hire the 55+.

• Always grow your talent pool, even when you do not need to hire immediately. If you are always looking for new talent it makes it easier to reach out to those who have developed a relationship with you over the past few months.


• Develop a culture of excitement within your business so employees feel a part of the business and want to be there every day contributing.

• Promote work-life balance so employees have a positive work experience. If an employee works during the weekend ensure they get time off during the week and that working weekends does not become a trend.

• Invest time and energy in your employees. Listen to them and demonstrate to them that you value their opinions.

• Develop passion and enthusiasm in the work place. If employees feel that it is a great place to work because everyone enjoys being there as part of the team, they will more than likely feel it is a place they want to remain.

• Find ways to reward employees other than monetarily. Employees value recognition of a job well done and being trusted with tasks that expand their horizons.

• Be transparent and honest. Seek to understand your employees.

• Lead by example around your employees. If you enjoy working there, the employees will as well.

• Always recognize employees and say thank you often.

• Give employees growth opportunities to show you value them.

After reading and reviewing the above ideas, see which ones are missing in your recruitment and retaining of employees. These strategies are pivotal in meeting your staffing needs and creating a business that stands out.

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Dennis Weed is a Business Coach with the NISBDC serving clients in Boundary County.