Published: December 26, 2023 | Updated: December 21, 2023

Here's to a bright new year

Maureen Dolan

Maureen Dolan

Heading into a new year is a potent reminder for businesses that ahead lies an abundance of opportunities for innovation, transformation and growth. 

Thinking forward and being able to quickly adapt to stay ahead of curves are essential components of any successful business strategy. And that’s important because a dynamic business landscape like we have here in North Idaho has one constant, and that’s change. 

Join us in this issue of the North Idaho Business Journal as we hear from local industry leaders as their companies prepare to navigate 2024. They will share their perspectives on the conditions they believe will shape their sectors in the coming year. 

We hope you find inspiration in these pages, whether you are embarking on a new venture, are focused on staying the course or looking to reach new highs. 

We wish you a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead, brimming with the achievement of audacious goals, motivation to embrace opportunities, and the foresight to turn challenges that come with change into triumphs.

— Maureen Dolan, editor