Published: March 26, 2024 | Updated: March 22, 2024

40 Under 40: Justin Arts



Justin Arts believes that when business is operated correctly and with intention, it’s merely a conduit to help build relationships.

“Having good relationships with one another is what so many of us desire and look for throughout life,” he said. “So when we use something like a business, even one as simple as a sod supply company, with the idea that we serve one another and take care of each other’s needs, a simple transaction can actually become a lasting relationship.”

Alongside his wife, Arts owns landscaping supply company King Sod. He started the business as a source of additional income eight years ago, because at the time, his career in law enforcement didn’t provide the financial security he needed for his growing family.

Though King Sod is a landscaping supply business, Arts really considers himself to be in the customer service industry. Treating people well and caring for others is at the forefront of everything he and his team do.

Arts said he believes he’s been called to love others just as Jesus would love them. He expresses that love as best he can through business.

“Life is about loving the people around you and being a positive impact in the community you serve,” he said.