Published: March 26, 2024 | Updated: March 22, 2024

Pioneers, trailblazers and innovators

Caroline Lobsinger

Caroline Lobsinger

Each story is unique, and each pathway toward success is different for each 40 Under 40 honoree.

Some started their first business before they were 20. Some aren’t much older today.

Others began their journeys in a more traditional route, earning degrees and certifications en route to their current positions.

But they have many things in common as well.

Each has followed their passion, a love for their community, and a determination to make a difference, carving out their own definition of success.

In this month’s issue of the North Idaho Business Journal, we are celebrating 40 of the most impressive younger members of the region’s business community, from Bonners Ferry to Coeur d’Alene, from Sandpoint to Kellogg, these individuals are talented and creative — forging their own paths.

Selected by an NIBJ committee, they are members of the 2024 class of the North Idaho Business Journal 40 Under 40.

Nearly all were nominated by others, with many of them suggested for recognition by a colleague or community member. This speaks volumes about these individuals, their character, and their role in our communities.

They represent a variety of industries and sectors, and in many cases, are deeply involved in their communities on both a professional and personal level. North Idaho is home for them — and it shows.

Through their daily interactions and relationships, they are major contributors to the economy. But that is not the sum of their contributions, it is just the start. They are members of local civic groups, and their churches; they are volunteers at local food drives and fundraising events.

Each day, they work to make North Idaho a better place.

We’re sure you’ll be inspired and energized as you read about these outstanding people and their achievements.

Also in this edition, you will find a story on the business of nonprofits as the leaders of several of the region’s organizations share the daily challenges and successes that are found in helping others.

An up-and-coming entrepreneur in Bonners Ferry found his passion for business as a young high school student making paracord bracelets for sale. Now 20, Tyler Lucas owns and operates his own detailing business.

Shared workspaces aren’t a new concept and, in fact, have been around for decades. However, their popularity is growing as the region’s fledgling entrepreneurs and business leaders seek a spot to call their own without committing to a full brick-and-mortar spot.

And, if success is no longer defined by what you have or make, but by more intangible metrics, what does that mean as the importance of a work-life balance is taking center stage and crafting a new definition of success.

Prepare to be inspired.

— Caroline Lobsinger, NIBJ Editor