Published: May 28, 2024 | Updated: May 23, 2024

Evans Brothers Coffee brewing for 15 years

David Hawley, cafe manager for Evans Brothers Coffee’s downtown Coeur d’Alene cafe, prepares a drink for a customer.

David Hawley, cafe manager for Evans Brothers Coffee’s downtown Coeur d’Alene cafe, prepares a drink for a customer.

COEUR d’ALENE — In the early days of running their business, brothers Rick and Randy Evans were focused on skiing almost as much as they were on coffee.

On powder days, they’d put a sign on the board saying they wouldn’t be in until the afternoon, then work until very late at night. They did everything themselves except for the bookkeeping.

A lot has changed in 15 years. Evans Brothers Coffee now has two cafes, one in Sandpoint and one in Coeur d’Alene, with employees and a manager in each location.

“So if Randy and I want to ski in the morning, we can,” Rick Evans said with a laugh.

Some things have stayed the same as the business has grown, chief among them a commitment to quality and a great customer experience with no “snootiness.”

“Our intention is always there,” Rick Evans said. “It’s in our culture that we’re always trying to improve. We do the same thing as owners that we want our managers to do. We’re trying to grow as people, as a company, grow relationships.”

It’s clear they’re on the right track.

For the second year in a row, Evans Brothers Coffee has won a coveted Good Food Award, this time for coffee originating from the Kenya Gichathaini Wet Mill. This washed coffee exhibits flavors of succulent red apple, panela sugar, caramel and sugarcane juice.

The Good Food Awards recognize and celebrate food and drink producers who create exceptional products but also uphold values of environmental and social responsibility.

This is the fourth Good Food Award win overall for Evans Brother Coffee. Rick Evans said it’s especially meaningful to know the coffee won in a category stacked with reputable roasters from throughout Washington and Oregon.

“It’s hard to win,” he said. “It’s really good company.”

The team at Evans Brothers Coffee pours considerable time and energy into deciding what coffees to bring in, visiting the sources of about 80% of the coffees they sell. The brothers have ventured as far afield as Costa Rica and Sumatra for this purpose.

“We’ve been to the farms,” Rick Evans said. “We’ve seen firsthand what they’re doing right. It’s an irreplaceable way to connect with what we’re doing.”

The roasting team takes a systematic approach to making new recipes. They have to consider many variables in order to create the best roast profile, one that brings out the best qualities in the bean.

“The first batch of something we roast is rarely what we finish with,” Rick Evans said. “We’re always dialing things in.”

These days, the brothers are most focused on working with their management team and employees.

“It’s creating a culture where people can thrive,” Rick Evans said. “We have people who have a lot more skills than Randy and I have in certain areas. It’s getting the best out of the people who work here.”

Among Evans Brothers Coffee’s longtime employees is David Hawley, who manages the Coeur d’Alene cafe. He’s worked at the location since it opened in 2017.

It’s a great fit, Hawley said, and not only because Coeur d’Alene is home.

“I really appreciate Evans Brothers — the quality and the standards that we strive for,” he said. “The brothers are great. They have a sense of community.”

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the business, Evans Brothers Coffee is planning a party at the Sandpoint roastery Sept. 21. The community is invited.

“It’ll be an all-day thing, kind of an old school parking lot party like we used to have, with live music and dancing,” Rick Evans said.